In this episode of the Birth Kweens Podcast, mom Heather Laird shares her birth experiences with Karly and Ali. Heather is a wife, mom to two baby kweens (3 year old son, Emmett, and 3 month old daughter, Hazel), and all-around rad lady from San Diego. Ali had the honor of being Heather’s doula for both births, which were two very different experiences. Heather shares about what her first pregnancy was like (easy!), what kind of birth she was planning (an unmedicated birth center birth), and how the whole birth and postpartum experience ended up being much more challenging than she’d expected. She talks about how she went two weeks past her EDD (estimate delivery date) and risked out of the birth center where she was planning to deliver, leading to a very long and challenging hospital birth (a medicated vaginal delivery). With her second pregnancy, Heather planned a hospital birth with a supportive care provider and had high hopes of a low-intervention, unmedicated delivery. She got exactly that when baby Hazel came flying into the world after a fast and furious labor. Heather shares candidly about coming to terms with the fact that her first birth didn’t go to plan and how although her second birth unfolded as she’d hoped it would, there were still challenging and unexpected elements of that experience. We hope you enjoy this beautifully honest, laughter-filled tale of two births!

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