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Dr. Nicole Calloway Rankins is a wife, mother of two girls, OB/GYN physician, podcast host, women’s health advocate and certified integrative health coach. She works as a Labor & Delivery hospitalist in Virginia and came on the show to talk with us about how to have an empowered hospital birth. Here’s what you’ll hear about in this epiode:

  • Rankin’s background and how she ended up as an OB hospitalist and passionate women’s health advocate
  • What a hospitalist is, how they differ from the typical physician’s model of care, and the pros/cons to the hospitalist model
  • How a family can set themselves up to have an empowered hospital birth experience (the importance of good prenatal education, how to communicate with hospital staff, etc.)
  • How to make a positive connection between care provider and family when the first time they’re meeting is in labor
  • Some tips on how to stand up for yourself when faced with an unsupportive or abusive care provider
  • Click here to check out Nicole’s online childbirth education course
  • Click here to contact Nicole

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