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In part two of our water birth series, we’re exploring more of the facts on water birth. Here’s what you’ll hear about in this episode:

  • A brief history of water birth
  • Benefits of laboring and birthing in water
  • Common concerns about the safety of water birth (and whether these concerns are legitimate)
  • The actual risks associated with water birth
  • Discussion on why most OBs/hospitals don’t support water birth
  • Whether water birth impacts a newborn’s microbiome
  • Managing emergencies like hemorrhage and newborn resuscitation in the water
  • The logistics of water birth – getting a tub, filling/emptying it, when to get in during labor, etc.
  • Click here to read the Evidence Based Birth article on waterbirth
  • Click here to check out the Waterbirth International website
  • Click here to read the Evidence Based Birth article on whether water birth impacts a newborn’s microbiome

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