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In this episode we’re talking about the amazing PLACENTA! Here’s an overview of what we cover, including the various resources we refer to:

  • The general structure and function of the placenta
  • Great article with in-depth explanation of the structure of placenta, including how/when it develops, blood flow patterns, etc.
  • When in pregnancy that the placenta develops
  • Typical size and various shapes of placentas
  • Info about the umbilical cord – size, length, insertion into the placenta, abnormalities, etc.
  • Info about circumvallate placentas
  • Info about circummarginate placentas
  • A good visual aid to see the difference between normal, circumvallate, and circummarginate placentas
  • Where the placenta can implant in to the uterus
  • Article from Spinning Babies about how an anterior placenta may impact fetal position
  • Delivery of the placenta – when, how, what it usually feels like, and what to do if there are issues with this part of the birth
  • Article about the different approaches to managing the third stage of labor (aka the delivery of the placenta)
  • Issues with the placenta, including placenta previa, placental abruption, retained placenta, and abnormalities of implantation (i.e. accreta, increta, percreta)
  • Signs of placental aging and what you can do to keep yours healthy
  • Article on placenta encapsulation from Evidence Based Birth

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