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Midwifery Finishing School (MFS) is a 6-week online course for new or student midwives that is chock full of the un-Google-able information you need to confidently address the many questions and variations of normal your clients will have; things that aren’t covered in midwifery school, things that you used to have to learn from years of midwifery practice.

Enrollment begins December 1st, 2019

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New Skills to Close Gaps in Maternal Health Care

With meticulously detailed instructions on how to properly test for and treat the thyroid and MTHFR gene mutation, as well as more in-depth knowledge about postpartum mood disorders, this course gives you a major boost to your confidence and new marketable skills but it also gives your clients something that they can’t get from their doctor. Most doctors aren’t trained to thoroughly test the thyroid, know nothing about MTHFR and don’t see their postpartum clients often enough to thoroughly screen for mood disorders. That makes it so important for midwives to fill these gaps especially considering:

  • 7% of people who give birth will experience postpartum thyroiditis
  • approximately 40% of people are MTHFR positive which can cause pre-eclampsia, depression, and placental abruption, just to name a few things
  • about 15% of people will experience postpartum mood disorders (often caused by thyroid problems and contributed to by MTHFR gene mutation)

MFS mean fewer feelings of helpless for both you and your clients. Yesssss!

Continued Mentorship

Apprenticeships are wonderful but you couldn’t possibly learn everything you need for your own practice in the time-span you work under another midwife. You learn a lot but if you’re like me, you completed midwifery school, 330+ births, a few apprenticeships, an internship and 1½ years of working at a busy birth center and had still NEVER managed a miscarriage or an abnormal pap, or heard a midwife discuss ways to reduce birth trauma with their clients.

 If you’re like me, you then found yourself in private practice with no more mentorship but SO MANY MORE QUESTIONS.

Again, Finishing School to the rescue!

Midwifery Finishing Schools is THE bridge between apprenticeship and solo practice. It’s 6 weeks of continued mentorship you need to take the feeling of not knowing the answer out of those first few years in practice. It’s the answers to questions that aren’t google-able. It’s the Midwifery Model of Care but with added skills that have become available as research and science have advanced.

For a complete list of the topics covered, check out the syllabus page here!

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